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The power of a cash offer, supported by Leahy Lending, Your Trusted Lender.

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Tired of making offers on homes and losing? Looking to buy in a high-demand area and need an edge? We have the solution. With a strong Cash Offer and traditional financing through Leahy Lending, buying your dream home is finally within reach.

The All Cash experience

An aggressive all-cash offer is the key to winning in today’s real estate market. We have your solution. Through the power our All Cash Experience (ACE Program), well-qualified buyers that don’t have a mountain of cash to win the home, are turned into all-cash buyers. ACE helps borrowers rise above the home buying bidding frenzy by presenting the simplest, strongest, most attractive, CASH backed offer so you can win in a multiple offer situation.

Close as fast as 21 Days

We’ve made a commitment to our clients to close in 21 days or less from the time your offer is accepted. Once under contract, our team of loan professionals will work with buyers on the necessary processes to meet timeline goals.

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All Cash Experience

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In 2021, hundreds of families leveraged cash offer solutions and Leahy Lending to win their dream home. Homebuyers can have confidence knowing Leahy Lending brings the wisdom and experience needed to win a home in Central Texas.
It’s time you skip the bidding war and go straight to winning. Let’s start today.


Guaranteed Closing After Option Period

*Based on data from MarketWatch.com as of June 2021

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