Choosing the Right Loan Program

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Making Sense of Home Buying

“How Do I Know How Much Home I Can Afford?”

We’re often asked this question by first-time and even second-time homebuyers anxious to get into their dream home and start the process.

We’ve taken the mystery out of the home loan guessing game by offering clients the ability to review home loan options with plug-and-play variables to make the best decision possible when choosing a loan length and type.


Our Mortgage Calculators

Payment Calculator

Use our Payment Calculator to learn what your payment on different loan types may be.

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Affordability Calculator

Discover how much you can borrow and afford using our Affordability Calculator.

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Refinance Calculator

Determine your potential savings when refinancing with our Refinance Calculator.

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Loan Comparison Calculator

Compare two loan options and determine monthly payments, payable interest, and more.

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3/2/1 Buydown Calculator

Calculate a reduced buyers’ interest rate for the next three years with this calculator.

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